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We're happy to be your connection between your investment idea and the capital you need to make that investment work. Funded by private and institutional capital, we know who's funding what and how you need to structure your offering to make it appealing. 

Let us consult with you for a few months while we help you get your pitch-book into shape. We'll walk you through a step by step process for detailing your case, mitigating risk, and being specific about what you want. When we're done, you'll have a single asset or fund-level pitch-book that you can use to raise capital around your idea. 

Need help connecting with capital? We can help there too. We will sign engagement letters with select firms who we believe have a solid chance of performing (meaning either we've helped you get prepared or you came prepared and have a solid business case). We're happy to make the calls, make the introductions, and tee you up to pitch your deck. 

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